Mandarin words for articulation 中文发音图片卡

A big thank you to my fellow Speech Pathologist and dear friend, Annemarie T. for prompting me to come up with a list of words for articulation practice in Mandarin. Thank you  Annemarie, for your contribution! Since such lists are not readily available, I am going to share them with you. Hopefully I will be able to add more along the way. These are free to download but please do cite the source.

*A note to clinicians who are giving out the Mandarin pinyin ‘d’ word list to parents. The pinyin ‘d’ words are not equivalent to the voiced alveolar plosive /d/ in English since voicing is not used to distinguish between phoneme counterparts in Mandarin. Instead, we use aspiration to distinguish between them. So pinyin ‘d’ words are really the equivalent to [t] unaspirated words in English e.g. ‘stop, stool’. Also consonant positions are not as distinctive a feature in Mandarin articulation therapy since most Mandarin consonants occur in initial positions e.g. 开门 (kai men in pinyin). There are only 2 nasal consonants /n/ e.g. 门 (men in pinyin) and /ŋ/ e.g 糖 (tang in pinyin)that can occur in word final positions.

Mandarin pinyin l words 拼音 l 词汇

Mandarin pinyin s words 拼音 s 词汇 (easy)

Mandarin pinyin s words (2) 拼音 s 词汇 (harder words)

Mandarin pinyin d words 拼音d 词汇

Mandarin pinyin f words 拼音 f 词汇 (easy)

Mandarin pinyin f words (harder) 拼音 f 词汇


Beginning Verbs

As a follow up to the functional phrases, you could start stimulating for some action verbs. Children with language disorders are often slow to use verbs so start thinking of some fun ways to get the actions going! Some early verb cards can be downloaded here.


Beginning Verbs- English Cards

Beginning Verbs- 双语Bilingual Cards

Beginning verbs 双语

Some Beginning Phrases- Bilingual Cards

Here are some beginning functional phrases that are useful to model to a child who is starting to communicate verbally. The bilingual version is also available for downloads.

我把九个常用词汇 做成了卡片希望可以帮助你的小孩和您开始沟通。家长你们在日常生活中多留意教导小孩的机会。

Beginning phrases- English cards

Beginning phrases- English Chinese双语 Bilingual cards

妈妈和我一起玩!Let’s play Mum!

Parents often ask what sorts of toys they should buy for their 2-3 year olds. A farm set is a great start! Engage your child in naturalistic play activities for at least 10 mins daily and sequence your play actions into a story that your child will enjoy!

许多家长问我应该买些什么玩具给小孩,动物和农场是个好的开始。我建议家长每天抽出至少十分钟时间和孩子一起玩。 对于语言障碍的小儿童 这会帮助促进他们的语言发展。再玩的当时,想象出一个小故事!

setting up the barn

Let’s build a farm house for the animals. Mum will build the fence and you could put on the roof. All done!

来,我们一起把农场的栏杆和屋顶装好。 装!装!装!装好了!

cat in trailer

The animals are tired. They are ready to go home. Here comes the tractor, brmm brmm. Hop on cat!

小动物都累了, 想回家。 拖拉车来了,噗噗噗噗的叫。 小猫请上车, 小心喔!别摔倒。


Here come the horses, one two go!


all animals in barn

It’s night time. All the animals are home. Good night cat! Good night pig! Good night chicken! Good night cow! Good night horse! Sleep tight!

天就快黑了。 小猫, 小猪,公鸡,牛,马 都回到农场睡觉去了。 动物晚安!