Mandarin words for articulation 中文发音图片卡

A big thank you to my fellow Speech Pathologist and dear friend, Annemarie T. for prompting me to come up with a list of words for articulation practice in Mandarin. Thank you  Annemarie, for your contribution! Since such lists are not readily available, I am going to share them with you. Hopefully I will be able to add more along the way. These are free to download but please do cite the source.

*A note to clinicians who are giving out the Mandarin pinyin ‘d’ word list to parents. The pinyin ‘d’ words are not equivalent to the voiced alveolar plosive /d/ in English since voicing is not used to distinguish between phoneme counterparts in Mandarin. Instead, we use aspiration to distinguish between them. So pinyin ‘d’ words are really the equivalent to [t] unaspirated words in English e.g. ‘stop, stool’. Also consonant positions are not as distinctive a feature in Mandarin articulation therapy since most Mandarin consonants occur in initial positions e.g. 开门 (kai men in pinyin). There are only 2 nasal consonants /n/ e.g. 门 (men in pinyin) and /ŋ/ e.g 糖 (tang in pinyin)that can occur in word final positions.

Mandarin pinyin l words 拼音 l 词汇

Mandarin pinyin s words 拼音 s 词汇 (easy)

Mandarin pinyin s words (2) 拼音 s 词汇 (harder words)

Mandarin pinyin d words 拼音d 词汇

Mandarin pinyin f words 拼音 f 词汇 (easy)

Mandarin pinyin f words (harder) 拼音 f 词汇